Before using your new brushes for the first time
You will need to ensure the gum residue is removed completely from the bristles by gently brushing them onto a dry lint pad. Then use one of the NAILS-LUXE Brush Cleaning Wipes to to give your new brushes a good clean before first use.
- To clean your brushes, use one of the NAILS-LUXE Brush Cleaning Wipes to gently wipe the bristles and body of the brush.
Pinch the brush bristles between the wipe and gently pull through, repeat until gel colour has been removed from brush.
To prolong the life of your brush AFTERCARE is ESSENTIAL
To keep your brush conditioned and stop the bristles from drying out and reduce wear and tare over time, leave a small amount of gel in the brush bristles between uses.
Then before you use your brush the next time gently give it a light clean either with NL brush cleaning wipe or clear gel to loosen and remove old product out of the bristles ready for new colour or base application. 
To gain the best results with your brushes
work the chosen gel medium (colour, paint, base coat etc.) into your brush before use. When you’re not working with your brushes, be sure to store them carefully with their
protective cap on, to prevent the bristles from becoming damaged.
Ensure the bristles lie flat inside the cap and aren’t bent.
For all the tips and tricks on how to look after your brushes 
You must always keep the brush handle and bristles away from acetone to prolong the life of your brush.
Don't soak your brush in acetone, ipa alcohol or cleanser this will dry out the bristles of your brushes. (only use this as a last resort to remove old gel from your brush that has cured - and above method of cleaning doesn't work.
If you have mistakenly bent the brush bristles, you can revive your brush by dipping your brush into boiling/very hot water for 3-5 seconds and removing. 
(Our brush care information is suitable for all brushes not just NL brushes 😊)

All Brushes come with a protective Flexi Cap, designed to grip securely on your brush so it doesn't fall off and keep uv rays & dust away. Flexi lids only need to be gently paced onto the brush (they are not like regular lids that need to be pushed on hard) they grip on really easily.

When removing the Flexi lid hold onto the very tip of the lid and twist to avoid damaging the brush inside.