I wanted to create a nail brand in line with my values of quality and authenticity that would break boundaries and develop never seen before products. NAILS-LUXE encourages everyone to be confident enough to celebrate themselves and embrace their own creativity.


Innovation, simplicity and inclusivity are at the heart of NAILS-LUXE. Whatever look you want to create, you can and this is what the brand stands for. All elements of the brushes have been meticulously designed to compliment the way all nail technicians, manicurists and artists work.  Allowing everyone to achieve professional nail looks with ease.


My personal inspirations of nails, beauty, fashion and photography informed the NAILS-LUXE aesthetic and I am so proud of the brand, the products we have developed, the growing community and our mission. I am so excited for what is to come; to continue to grow and learn from you all. I can't wait to continue the NAILS-LUXE journey with you.


Isabel x



When creating the NAILS-LUXE brand I knew I wanted to create an immersive experience for everyone.

So we created our very own NAILS-LUXE signature scent. 
With notes of Pomegranate, white amber & ginger